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The Rise of AI Degree Programs, Is it really well worth the cost?

As AI Jobs continue to rise in demand, universities across the globe are launching specialized Four Year Degree programs in Artificial Intelligence (AI). These programs go beyond the traditional foundations of computer science and delve into topics such as Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Computing Algorithms, and Advanced Robotics. Among the Scepticism surrounding the applicability of an AI-specific degree due to the tremendous evolution of Technology, proponents argue that a strong grounding in Computer Science fundamentals combined with a focus on AI can provide a valuable edge to students. Let’s explore the key aspects of a four year AI degree that students, parents, and professionals considering a career change need to know.

1. STEM Fundamentals:

A comprehensive AI program should prioritize teaching students core information that lays the foundation for an AI-related career. The program should include courses in computer science concepts, statistics, mathematics, and Engineering, which remain instrumental even as Technology rapidly changes. Building a strong base of fundamental knowledge equips students to adapt and succeed in evolving AI fields.

2. The Spike in AI-specific degrees since 2011:

The Educational Landscape has witnessed a tremendous increase in AI degree programs over the past decade. AI-related degrees have seen positive growth compared to the overall negative trend in other fields. Bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degree conferrals in AI have grown exponentially, with a remarkable 120% increase since 2011. Schools such as Miami Dade College even offer associate’s degrees in AI for those interested in a shorter course of study.

3. Education’s Relevance in a Fast Changing Tech Market:

Some students may question the necessity of a degree due to the industry’s quick pace of change and the growing trend of hiring non degree holders with relevant skills. However, research suggests that having a degree is still crucial for securing high-paying jobs, particularly in fields like software engineering. A four-year degree provides a significant advantage when entering the job market for the first time.

4. Opportunities for upskilling and alternative programs:

Recognizing the demand for speedy skill acquisition, platforms like Dataquest and Coursera offer certificate programs that allow individuals to enhance their AI skills rapidly. These programs are suitable for those who lack the time or resources for a traditional four-year degree or for professionals looking to upskill while holding a degree. Online platforms provide practical hands-on learning experiences to bridge the gap between theory and real world applications.

5. AI vs. computer science curriculum:

Students must carefully consider the curriculum of the AI program they are considering. They should evaluate how it differs from a standard computer science program, its career trajectory, and economic outcomes for graduates. Understanding the specific aspects of AI covered by the program is essential, whether students seek exposure to AI concepts or desire comprehensive technical training. Planning for future employment opportunities is crucial when deciding on AI or computer science specialization.

6. Gaining an Edge with Employers:

Having an AI-specific degree may set graduates apart in the eyes of employers. However, with the future value of such degrees uncertain, students pursuing a traditional computer science degree can still bolster their employability by taking classes related to AI and data science. This will help close the practical application gap post-graduation and make them attractive to employers seeking AI skills.

Final Thoughts

While AI degree programs have gained popularity, students should weigh their options based on personal career goals, long-term prospects, and their ability to adapt to an ever-changing tech landscape. Whether it’s a four-year AI degree or a traditional computer science program augmented with AI-related courses, the focus on developing solid fundamentals and gaining practical knowledge will prove invaluable. As AI continues to revolutionize various industries, those equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge will find themselves at the forefront of an exciting and rewarding career path.

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